Easy Vision makes it easy to integrate, develop and deploy AI models, accelerating development time while reducing risk and time to market

EasyVision from Flex Logix

Easy Vision, leverages Flex Logix’ suite of pre-trained AI models and InferX™ AI edge accelerators to enable product and appliance developers to easily and quickly incorporate AI, enabling intelligent solutions and differentiation over traditional computer vision-based products.  

Market and Applications

Market and Application Areas include  

  • Safety and Security 

  • Optical Inspection and Smart Manufacturing  

  • Smart Retail and Logistics  

  • Traffic and Parking Management 

  • Smart Agriculture and Farming 

  • Healthcare and Medical Imaging  

Suite of Pre-trained Models

Flex Logix’s Easy Vision suite of pre-trained models are ready to be deployed and can be easily retrained for custom applications and use cases. Models are run on Flex Logix InferX hardware AI accelerators that are easy to deploy in PCs, industrial PCs, custom embedded systems and edge servers. Models perform AI at more than 60 frame per second on high definition images, including Yolo 608x608 images for high accuracy with low latency for real-time AI results.  

Hawk Edge AI System

Available Models include:

  • Hard hat detection 
  • Face mask
  • License plate
  • Warehouse loading dock
  • People detection 
  • Drone
  • LCD display defects
  • PCB defects
  • Vehicle Detection 
  • Distracted driver
  • Battery inspection

A Simple AI Platform To Build Your Applications On

Our EasyVision team integrates best in class computing hardware, including our InferX AI accelerator, with advanced fully trained machine learning models to achieve state of the art accuracy and performance for a growing list of common computer vision use cases. 

Leadership Hardware

Vision systems built on reliable industry standard hardware is the best foundation for robust solutions.  Our EasyVision solutions are based on Dell and HPE hardware combined with our own InferX X1 AI Accelerator to deliver computer vision solutions in a fraction of the cost and power envelope of systems based on GPU technology.


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From idea to solution in weeks using our EasyVision platform. The easiest way to deploy deep learning solutions.

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