Why we are the number one eFPGA vendor

#1 eFPGA: most customers, tapeouts, nodes, sizes, options, metal stacks

Flex Logix has been innovating eFPGAs for 8 years
  • 18 designs working in Silicon
  • eFPGAs proven in Sandia 180nm, TSMC 40nm, TSMC 28/22nm, TSMC 16/12nm, and GF 12nm
  • In design of GF 22FDX and TSMC 7/6nm. TSMC 5nm will be next
  • Array sizes from 1K to >2M LUTs with DSP and BRAM options
  • Use the fewest lower metal layers so we are compatible with the most metal stacks

TSMC’s Partner of the Year

We are TSMC’s first eFPGA IP Alliance Partner and the TSMC Partner of the Year for excellence in eFPGA IP

EFLX eFPGA Available for 7/6, 12, 16, 22, 28 & 40nm - 5nm Next!

EFLX 4K eFPGA in both Logic and DSP versions are available on the following process nodes:

  • TSMC 12FFC+/FFC/16FFC+/FFC/FF+ silicon proven, evaluation board available
  • TSMC 22ULP/28HPC/HPC+ silicon proven, evaluation board available
  • TSMC N6/N7: available now 
  • GlobalFoundries 22FDX in design for 2022 availability.
  • GlobalFoundries 12LP/LP+ silicon is validated and an evaluation board is available
  • GlobalFoundries 12LP Rad Hard design also available 
  • Sandia 180nm was a proprietary port for Sandia National Lab’s own 180nm wafer fab 

EFLX eFPGA can be implemented on any CMOS process node on demand. A port to a new process takes 6-8 months.

Flex Logix 1K eFPGA Core Design Kits Available for TSMC 40nm ULP & LP Process Technologies

EFLX 1K eFPGA for TSMC 40nm enables customers to design power sensitive applications with reconfigurability for IoT, MCU and mixed signal devices.
More information is available in the Resources.

EFLX Evaluation Boards

Evaluation boards are available for EFLX eFPGA implemented on TSMC28HPC, TSMC16FFC and GF12LP.  Boards are controlled by PCs; you can compile and download your verilog into the eFPGA to measure speed and power.

Contact us at info@flex-logix.com for prices for purchase or for short term evaluation.

Emulation Models for EFLX eFPGA

  • Emulation models for EFLX eFPGA are available now for both Cadence Palladium and Mentor Veloce platforms.
  • Any array size with any mix of DSP and Logic tiles can be emulated, along with various BRAM configurations.
  • These models have been used by Flex Logix in design of our own InferX X1 SoC and by our customers for design of their SoCs.

Contact us at info@flex-logix.com for more information and pricing.